Claire Hawkins brings new life to the term troubadour as a singer/songwriter and travel vlogger. Her genre-defying folk-pop sound reflects her New York City upbringing, and her narrative lyrics are the product of being raised by two polyglot parents.


After releasing her debut EP Even These Words in 2017, Hawkins spent a year studying in Europe, where she developed a passion for travel. In celebration of her upcoming travel-themed EP Foreign Voice, Hawkins is touring hostels around Europe on the Foreign Voices Travelers Tour. She is documenting her trips with unique video content that will be available on her YouTube channel later this year.


Hawkins has always believed that music and travel are two of the best ways to bring people together, and the Foreign Voices Travelers Tour has proven that to be true.

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Singer/songwriter and travel vlogger Claire Hawkins is set to release her new single Foreign Voice on October 4th. This is the first track from a travel-themed EP by the same name, which is due out later this year.

Each song on the forthcoming Foreign Voice EP is dedicated to a place Hawkins spent time in while studying in Europe for a year. On the title track, Hawkins sings of her time in Berlin, Germany.

"It was this very strange, wonderful time," she explains. "I had never moved outside of Manhattan before, and suddenly I was living in a country I had never been to, surrounded by people speaking languages I couldn't understand. I was fully out of my comfort zone... and I loved it."

Foreign Voice is about leaning into that discomfort and embracing things you never thought you would do. Keeping with that idea, Hawkins created the Foreign Voices Travelers Tour. Sponsored by Journey Instruments, the tour is taking place in hostels all over Europe. Along the way, Hawkins is creating music-focused travel vlogs and hosting a Foreign Voices interview series with local musicians to showcase different music scenes around the world. 

Foreign Voice is Claire's story.

Foreign Voices is everyone's.

The next show of the tour, the Foreign Voice single release show, is in Stockholm, Sweden on October 4th.

“A woman with pop in her heart and an Americana spirit”

-Golden Mixtape

“Hawkins gives Americana a sweet light-heartedness, and I'm interested to see where the next batch of songs will take her."

-The Deli Magazine

"...Even These Words, a recording project that features both her impressive songwriting talents [and her] production and engineering skills..."

-Blue Ridge Outdoors

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