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Claire Hawkins brings new life to the term troubadour as a singer/songwriter and travel vlogger. Her genre-defying folk-pop sound reflects her New York City upbringing, and her narrative lyrics are the product of being raised by two polyglot parents.


After releasing her debut EP Even These Words in 2017, Hawkins spent a year studying in Europe, where she developed a passion for travel. It was this time abroad that inspired her sophomore EP, Foreign Voice. In 2019 she set off on the Foreign Voices Travelers Tour, where she performed in youth hostels across Europe. Hawkins documented her unique experiences on this tour with travel vlogs that are available on her YouTube channel


Hawkins has always believed that music and travel are two of the best ways to bring people together, and the Foreign Voices Travelers Tour proved that to be true.

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Despite its seemingly vaccine-related title, Small Doses was the last song Claire Hawkins wrote prior to the pandemic. At the time, she was performing in hostels across Europe on the Foreign Voices Travelers Tour, sharing songs from her travel-themed EP Foreign Voice. The tour united two things we've severely lacked in the past year: live music and travel.

The new single tells a different story from the voyages she sings of on her last EP. Hawkins's tongue-in-cheek lyrics poke fun at some of the clichés we think of when it comes to romance.


She explains:

"I'm not really one to write a love song. That's just not where my interest typically lies as a songwriter. I'm fascinated with this idea of hook-up culture and the way it's so prevalent among young people. I've particularly felt that, as a woman, there's this tension around wanting to defy certain societal expectations, but worrying there's a risk of losing a bit of myself in the process."

With its mixture of playful metaphors and confessional lyrics, Small Doses offers a glimpse into the mind of a 20-something who's still figuring things out.

You can listen to Small Doses now via this link.

“The ['Dublin'] video provides a twilight walking tour of the city and perfectly captures the mood and spirit of the beautiful song. We are pumped to be able to share this one!"


“One of the hardest working musicians I’ve encountered in my 10+ years doing this."


-ZO Magazine



"A woman with pop in her heart and an Americana spirit”

-Golden Mixtape

Claire Hawkins

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