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'Small Doses' Music Video

Dublin-based singer/songwriter and travel vlogger Claire Hawkins is preparing to release the music video for her latest single Small Doses on July 29th.

Despite the seemingly vaccine-related title, Small Doses was the last song Hawkins wrote prior to the pandemic. At the time, she was performing in hostels across Europe on the Foreign Voices Travelers Tour, in support of her travel-themed EP 'Foreign Voice.'

Hawkins takes a sharp detour away from the travelogues of her last EP on Small Doses. Offering a critical look at the world of modern dating and “notions of romance,” the video juxtaposes Ireland's fairytale landscape with more mundane scenes of Dublin pubs and parks.

This is the second time Hawkins has worked with local Irish filmmaker Florence Bradish, who also shot and directed Hawkins's Dublin music video.

"When Florence first came to me with her idea for the video, she had a page of notes titled 'Love Junkie Princess Concept.' I remember saying 'I have no idea what that means, but I'm on board.' It's a really magical thing when you find a collaborator who you can completely trust like that. I'm so proud of this video and the way Florence's vision for it really brought the song to life."

The Small Doses music video shows two different approaches to romance, and plays with the idea that these "opposite approaches" might not be as disconnected as they seem.

You can watch the Small Doses music video now via this link.

Small Doses

"A playful upbeat folk-pop track from the talented Irish-based artist, 'Small Doses' radiates the cheeky aura of an iconic mid 2000's hit single that stays with us long after our youth."

- Rua Media


"How this song is so lovely yet so heartbreaking is beyond me. Definitely for the ones who are going through some form of heartache, add this to your sad playlist."

- RGM Magazine

"Hawkins sings with both clarity and undeniable gentle power that captures a listener’s attention beyond just her poetic expertise."

- Glasse Factory

"...a lovely indie-pop tune, entitled, 'Small Doses.'"

- Bong Mines Entertainment

Claire Hawkins brings new life to the term troubadour as a singer/songwriter and travel vlogger. Her genre-defying folk-pop sound reflects her New York City upbringing, and her narrative lyrics are the product of being raised by two polyglot parents.


After releasing her debut EP Even These Words in 2017, Hawkins spent a year studying in Europe, where she developed a passion for travel. It was this time abroad that inspired her sophomore EP, Foreign Voice. In 2019 she set off on the Foreign Voices Travelers Tour, where she performed in youth hostels across Europe. Hawkins documented her unique experiences on this tour with travel vlogs that are available on her YouTube channel.

Hawkins has always believed that music and travel are two of the best ways to bring people together, and the Foreign Voices Travelers Tour proved that to be true.

For an extended bio, click HERE.

Claire Hawkins

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